Segura Viduas


Segura Viudas is a Spanish family owned artisanal winery, well known for its rich and elegant wines.

Established in 1959, the Segura Viudas (pronounced she-GUR-a  vi-YOU-das) winery and vineyards are in the heart of the Pened├Ęs wine region in Torrelavit, just outside of Barcelona.

The Segura Viudas winery is housed in original buildings, some of which date back to the 11th Century.  Originally built as a military watch tower, the buildings were converted into a traditional Catalonian country farm house during the 13th Century.

At the end of the 19th Century, various Spanish indigenous grape varieties began to flourish in vineyards surrounding the property and were noted for their winemaking potential, especially to make traditional method sparkling wines known as cava. In the early 1980's the estate of 445 acres known for its high quality cavas and still wines was purchased by the family owned Freixenet Group.

Segura Viudas is an artisanal winery that provides itself on honouring the craft and following an uncompromising path to quality. Grapes are handpicked and only the first pressings used. Cava is bottled with unique yeasts created in the winery and wines are rested for that little bit longer in the long cool cellars at the winery.

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