Segura Viduas

Segura Viudas
1 September 2016 | Segura Viudas Marketing | Segura Viudas

Segura Viuda’s Grand Cuvée Reserva: Best Cava Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships

Segura Viuda’s Grand Cuvée has been chosen best cava of the year in low dosage category by the 2016 Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships, hosted by Tom Stevenson, one the most prestigious and knowledgeable journalists when it comes to sparkling wines. Stevenson and the rest of the judges of the competition have highly valued the authenticity of the Grand Cuvée. As it does not require almost any dosage, this cava preserves and enhances the natural flavours of the grapes varieties that shape its coupage. Furthermore, both Brut Reserva and Brut Vintage 2011 have also been awarded with golden medals in their categories, while Reserva Heredad Rosé has placed second and won the silver medal.


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